Ending the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Fraud

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By Shelagh McFarlane

In September 2023, I authored The POGG Primer: Ending the PPP Fraud. POGG stands for “Peace, Order & Good Governance.” The POGG doctrine states that governments must always create laws in harmony with “Peace, Order, and Good Governance.”

They should not use their authority to poke you or create 15 MINUTE CITIES for the UN.

A Brief Introduction to PPPs

I learned about these global entities in 2014 when I ran for Ward 3 councillor in Kincardine. Ontario Power Generation was trying to bury nuclear waste beside our Great Lakes. I discovered a PPP agreement Mayor Larry Kraemer made in a “Secret Mayor Meeting.”

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“Public-private partnerships” are UN (United Nations) legal “creatures” used to install a de facto global government in lieu of rightful sovereign powers. They masquerade as “legitimate” and dupe your officials to assume control over private property and defraud (remove) the “public.”

In 2022, I ran for Mayor of Guelph to stop our GLOBAL Mayor, Cam Guthrie, from signing international agreements with pharmaceutical companies to perform vaccine clinical trials on the CITY’s “incorporated inhabitants.”

Although I didn’t win, I learned how they flip the jurisdiction from a local council to a UN field office, which is accomplished through election interference and issuing a corporate oath with the appearance of it being lawful and public. Mayors and councillors are put under a UN Declaration to act in three legal capacities—public, private, and international.

The CITY Clerk, Solicitor, and Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) are co-conspirators in the UN hijacking of our local officials by asserting that they (the City Clerk and cohorts) have the authority to issue the oaths and provide them with legal advice.

You need to know about this deception because their signatures can put a needle in your arm and bankrupt your business. The process is flawed with FRAUD. They CAN’T work for you because they are international UN Agents commissioned to implement the Global Agenda for Sustainability—for now.

How I created The POGG Primer

In early September 2023, I came across a deputation by Angel Godsoe and Kerstin Kelly at a CITY of Kawartha Lakes Council Meeting. They were addressing a rezoning by-law consolidation that no one in the area knew about. The rezoning would drastically restrict land use and terminate all food processing in the area. I recognized the Municipality’s “tactics,” so I drove up to see how I could help. I started drafting The POGG Primer as a short, educational booklet summarizing 30 years of the UN takeover as simply as possible.

Implementing POGG Can End the UN Local Occupation

The Primer explains how UN public/private partnerships take over your town and how your Mayor is fraudulently “upgraded” to international status (i.e., a “Strong” Mayor) without your knowledge or consent.

I include excerpts of the UN instructional guides delivered to your town and a summary of the 2022 Trucker Convoy in Ottawa. The Convoy was instrumental in proving that the UN and WEF had, as Klaus Schwab boasted, penetrated all levels of Canadian government, and there was de facto possession of our sovereign powers. The truckers exposed the UN coup d’état as the world watched in shock. God bless Canadian truckers.

How the Primer Can Help Your Local Officials Restore POGG

In a global-to-local takeover, our only solution is at the local level, and exciting things are happening behind the scenes!

Seated “public” officials will need to “re-public” the governing institution and unincorporate “all things local” from the UN CITY STATE. Fraud nullifies all. If they refuse, there will be an election to replace them, and local taxes and charges will be diverted to trust accounts separate from the central banking system. No one is obligated to participate in fraud or obey de facto possession of sovereign powers.

Groups are organizing “shadow councils” that will be qualified replacements in case of a sudden resignation and designing a new open voting system. We WILL Restore Justice and Equity for ALL in Canada.

The POGG Primer (and future editions) will help officials realize it is their DUTY to “correct this legal mistake.” They must take back local regulatory, judicial, and financial control so people can get immediate relief from this tyranny.

So Let’s Go, Canadians! Start to Take Back Your Towns! We are at the beginning of some interesting times!

National groups are organizing and getting ready to help with the transition back to POGG. We have the solution now — Restore the Oath. This tyrannical foreign occupation is OVER when we say it is.

Every town will soon have the lawful power to:

  1. Restore governing autonomy and independence: End public-private-international partnerships; the Mayor will be lawfully sworn in as Head of Local Government, no longer as UN Head of Council.
  2. Regroup officials in their wards: establish town halls with OPEN, full public access to elected officials who will provide urgent funding for social needs, support for local small businesses, cost of living assistance, and immediate attention to daycare and education matters.
  3. Restart their local agenda and constitution: establish an independent treasury and sworn peace officers to ensure POGG, lawful protection, and essential local services.

Thank you, Canada! Let’s Do This! Go to www.shelaw.ca for more information and to check for regular POGG Primer updates and additional templates.