Why You Might Be A Right Wing Extremist


Why You Might Be a “Right-Wing Extremist”

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By Tish Conlin

Many people see that Canada has declined, to say the very least. The standard of living has declined, affordability has declined, and basic essential services are rapidly eroding under the woke policies of the Ottawa elites. Canada has lost respect internationally under Trudeau and the Liberal-NDP Coalition, and harsh laws are being passed to limit free speech, like Bill C-11 and Bill-C63, The Online Harms Act, under the guise of public safety. We see increases in crime, suicide, homelessness, and despair in every community. But why?

Most people think it is a coincidence or possibly just incompetence, but how can any government be that incompetent? Truly something much more sinister is at play when all Western nations are experiencing the exact same erosion of rights, freedoms, and quality of life under the same draconian government policies.

A few years ago, I was minding my own business with a successful consulting firm and a happy life. The rug was harshly pulled out from under my feet when I witnessed bald-faced lies during Covid along with the decimation of small businesses under lockdowns (mandates not faced by big globalist firms). As a person of integrity, I could not stay silent and, therefore, I was harshly punished. For the crime of simply speaking the truth, I was censored, deplatformed, and then slandered as a dreaded “right-wing extremist.” This was enough to have a number of my former friends (some of whom, I have known forever) quickly remove themselves from my life with no apology or explanation as they simply believed media propaganda. After being deplatformed, my business suffered greatly as well.

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But despite all the loss, I wouldn’t change anything and I wouldn’t go back in time and stay silent. For what is at play in the world is a coup by powerful globalists. They are not interested in thriving economies and communities, but rather controlling people and resources through a Digital ID, Pandemic Treaty, CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency), Social Credit score, land capture, and large tax increases. These measures ensure society becomes increasingly demoralized and impoverished—all under the guise of “saving us” from the climate “crisis.”

They want us to give up our rights (they have no intention of giving up theirs) and accept a much lower standard of living so they can implement their highly profitable “green agenda,” which most of us now know is part of the United Nations Agenda 2030. Add to the mix a reckless addition of immigrants (many seeking refugee status) putting a massive burden on housing, healthcare, and a mental health crisis partly fueled by increasingly radicalized education and policies.

But none of those responsible for voting for all these harmful bills and policies say anything about the obvious decline in Canada. Instead, they point fingers at what they call “right-wing extremists” who bring up the obvious harm of the problems they caused.

But what does “right-wing extremist” mean, really?

Given the broad label, most people I speak with would qualify as a right-wing extremist. Immigrants from India and the Middle East agree with me. Long-term Canadians, parents who see the declining levels of education agree with me. Retired veterans who can’t afford food agree with me. Even many young college and university students are starting to see the obvious and agree with me.

Is it extreme to want housing for Canadians first instead of putting refugees in luxury hotels? Is it extreme to want to promote peace in the world and return to being a recognized international peacekeeping nation, instead of sending funds to foreign countries to escalate conflicts? Is it extreme to want Canada to grow economically with a local thriving manufacturing sector, other than electric vehicles and cricket protein plants? Is it extreme to want to tap into our rich and ethically mined resource sector to create jobs and energy independence? Is it extreme to want to protect our farmland and farmers from taxes and control that will bankrupt them and destroy our food security? Is it extreme to question statements from corrupt government officials and media who are controlled by globalist companies that don’t care about Canada?

When it comes to right wing, many people now see the deliberate slander behind the label. Maybe right-wing is closer to being on “the right side of history.” It takes courage to speak out and tell the truth and nothing good comes from having the majority stay silent to what is growing increasingly obvious to many.

In many countries, the truth about the harmful Covid and climate policies is coming to light because brave “right-wing extremists” are speaking out. If you agree with anything I have said here, you, too, might be considered a right-wing extremist!!

Isn’t it time for decent citizens all over Canada to reject slanderous labels and instead, hold our publicly elected officials accountable? That means showing up at Council meetings, sending letters to MPs and MPPs, speaking about uncomfortable subjects with neighbours, and refusing to stay silent. When more people speak out and refuse to be silenced by the ridiculous label “right-wing extremist,” we can unite in stopping the deliberately harmful policies from being implemented at a local level. The joy of being on the RIGHT side of history and standing up for Canada is worth it!!

Tish Conlin is an author, speaker, and business owner. She is a Holistic Health and Resilience Coach. Her podcast TishTalk can be found on Rumble, Bitchute, and Spotify. 

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