What is Druthers?

Shawn Jason With Druthers Vol 2

Druthers is an old word meaning; one’s own way, preference or choice. It stems from the slang of “I’d rather.”

Example; “If I had my druthers, we all would know the truth.”

In December of 2020 the word druthers took on another meaning… a newspaper… a free, 12 page, independent, people powered newspaper filled with important, honest, news & information that Canadians are not being given through the traditional corporate media conglomerates.

The idea for Druthers newspaper was born from a desperate need for truth in media, especially in 2020 when the mainstream propaganda machine went into full swing, creating huge divides among the population.

Shawn Jason (the creator of Druthers) started a fundraising campaign for this project in November of 2020 and very quickly raised the $3,500 needed for the first print run. The first run was for 25,000 copies and was released on the 1st of December, 2020 in Toronto, Ontario.

The 2000lb, 6 foot tall skid full of 25,000 newspapers seemed a daunting task to distribute, but it was no match for all the passionate volunteers who eagerly lined up to help distribute these papers. Within two weeks the papers were gone.

Money kept coming in too, faster and faster, and the second month saw 50,000 papers printed. These 2 skids of papers again proved to be a small task for the fast growing team of volunteer paper boys and paper girls.

Enough money was raised in the second month to double down again and print 100,000 copies of the third issue. This time, some of the papers were sent by freight to B.C. and Druthers was so warmly, eagerly embraced there too.

Month 4 saw 200,000 copies printed and distributed in Ontario, British Columbia & Alberta too.

Month 5 grew again to 300,000 copies, and then we had our biggest month for this project so far… 500,000 copies of the May 2021 edition of Druthers were printed and given away freely all over Canada. Astounding!

Fast forward to today (November 2023) and we’ve been at this for 3 years now. Druthers has grown into more than just a newspaper project, it has grown into a large, grass roots movement of incredible people who are passionate about truth, love & freedom.

We average 250,000 copies each month and have printed and distributed a total of over 9 million newspapers since this project began 3 years ago.

Let’s put that into perspective… 1 full skid carries 25,000 newspapers. 9 million papers equals 360 full skids. A typical transport truck can hold 26 skids which means we’ve printed and given away enough newspapers to fill nearly 14 transport trucks!

These are truly spectacular numbers, especially considering this has all been people powered and that none of the Druthers crew had any experience with making newspapers before. Equally impressive is that Druthers saw this kind of growth without receiving any corporate sponsorships or government funding whatsoever. Every paper printed and given away is because of kind donations from concerned citizens who see the perils of the current direction of our country and who care to make a difference.

Druthers is a beautiful example of the power of the people. When many come together with a common goal, vision or intention, we can achieve pretty much anything! Fully funded by the people, written by the people, distributed by the people & promoted by the people. This really is the people’s paper. Let’s keep it going.

Will you be a part of this movement?
Are you on the right side of history?
Do you care to make a positive difference?

Get involved:
Subscribe: druthers.ca/shop/subscribe
Distribute: druthers.ca/volunteer
Donate: donorbox.org/druthers

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