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10 cents. A dime. That’s all it costs us to print a 12 page newspaper filled with honest news & information and plant them in the hands of people all across Canada! How many dimes would you spend if those dimes helped wake up more Canadians?

Here we go again! 300,000 copies of the January 2024 issue of Druthers (our 38th issue) to be freely distributed all over Canada.

We began in December, 2020 with 25,000 copies and in just 37 months, because of all your love, support & donations, we have printed and given away over 9 MILLION NEWSPAPERS to people all across Canada! Read the current or past issues here. You can also subscribe to have your Druthers delivered to your door each month.

NEW!! It hasa never been easier to have Druthers delivered anonymously to the mailboxes in your own neighbourhood! See: Druthers Neighbourhood Mail Service