Ways to Help

Get some exercise and do something important for the world by stuffing these free papers in people’s mailboxes all over your community. We would love to support you in doing this. To help in this way please message us at so we can connect you with your nearest Druthers Distribution Hub where you can pick up bundles for free.

If you wish to ensure you receive Druthers monthly papers, you can cover the s/h and have them mailed right to your door. You may even opt for a subscription to ensure you get your Druthers every single month. See all options here.

Our articles are written by the people, for the people. If you are interested in writing for Druthers, you may go here to submit an article.

Like, comment & share on everything you can from the Druthers social pages. That helps a lot more than most people think. Do it often.

At just 10 cents per paper, donations go far. No salaries or overhead are ever drawn from donations. 100% of donations (less online processing fees) are put directly into printing and distributing these papers all across Canada through our 1000+ people strong, fast growing network of volunteers who are eagerly putting these papers into people’s mailboxes, hands & hopefully minds. See the fundraiser page here.

If you have other skills, contacts or resources you would like to offer to help Druthers grow and become the best it can be, we’d love to hear from you. Please message us and let us know your thoughts.