World Famous “LOVE CARDS” by I LOVE YOU PASS IT ON with FREE Shipping

200,000+ of these little love bombs have been sprinkled into 800+ communities around the world!  Join the movement and get some of these love cards to boost your community with more vibes of love. You will receive a mix of all 3 versions of these cards. Prices are in CAD and Canada-wide shipping is free.


NOTE: ILOVEYOUPASSITON was a hobby project by the founder of DRUTHERS, Shawn Jason. When 2020 hit, the world changed and so did Shawn’s focus and direction. DRUTHERS Newspaper became his main passion. Rather than managing both websites / projects, he chose to make the ILOVEYOUPASSITON shirts, cards & love ambassador kits available here as they are a perfect fit with the purpose of DRUTHERS anyway.

Since 2016, over 300,000 of these cards have been sprinkled around the world.


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