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Pre-order all 12 issues of Druthers year 1, 2 or 3 in a reprint collectors pack, shrink wrapped, stickered and ready to be put away in your collection. Shipping December 1st, just in time for Christmas. Who on your gift list would love to receive these?
Buy any 3 packs – save 20%
Buy any 6 packs – save 25%
Buy any 9 packs – save 30%
Buy any 12 packs or more & save 35%
• Prices automatically discounted in cart.
• Pick any years of collectors packs for quantity discounts.
• No coupon code required.
S/H to anywhere in Canada is included in the price.

NOTE: Only 2000 packs of each year are made.
Get them while you are still able.

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Year One, Year Two, Year Three

26 reviews for Collectors Packs – Purchase a Pack of Past Issues Of Druthers Newspapers

  1. Mark Ariss

    druthers rhymes with truthers

  2. Odette Oliver

    Very informative

  3. Diane

    This will be the first time I buy your news paper. I donated before for you guys. Keep your paper’s running. I can’t wait to see my first paper delivered to my door. Thank you Druthers. Keep up the good work ?

  4. Jessica

    Only truth paper you’ll ever read

  5. ya lo

    the newspaper for conspiracy believers

  6. Katryna

    It’s not a conspiracy theory ! It’s a facts ! We wish it was ☝️a conspiracy.

  7. Anastasia

    Only paper you’ll ever need. Thanks Druthers for printing the TRUTH!

  8. Tammy

    FACTS!! Nothing more than sharing truth and love for humanity. Absolutely love reading your paper. Cant wait until they are dropped on my doorstep!!

  9. Tim Wright

    Get yours now!

  10. Brenda Pinette

    First time purchasing newspaper. Looking forward to reading this years publications.

  11. Pete

    Very informative. I am able to check on most sources and they even leave emails if I need to ask specific authors (which sometimes includes doctors) questions.

    My only gripe is that they sometimes include very new agey articles. I personally think that they have no business being involved in truth, as the only truth is in Christ.

  12. Dominico Gallo

    Great articles. Well researched.
    Hats off. Great job.

  13. Mark Taylor

    Great paper,looking forward to each issue

  14. Ross Martin

    Excellent paper! Really enjoyed the articles! Definitely a customer.

  15. Josh

    This paper made me have gay feelings. Would recommend

  16. Jim

    Have all your papers and the magazine. Thank you for keeping us informed.

  17. Al Dublanko

    love your newspaper. we want the first 12 editions also

  18. Bob Martin

    Love Druthers thats why I deliver on Vancouver Island ad have for 2 years to many others who deliver to all up and down our Island, we are an organized CELL of Veritas and will win the WAR with or without support from our MPS, Police, and military or other bought and paid for, at present TRaitors to all Canadians. Bob Martin

    bobby martin Vaxx injured surviving warrior till death do THEY part. Bob’s Story.

  19. Darlene Lammers

    I have only briefly seen a copy so it’s hard to rate it but I’d really copies to save for my grandchildren to have.

  20. Diane

    I am buying the collectors pack so my grandchildren can someday read the thruth about our government

  21. Diane

    This paper are opening our eyes

  22. Diane


  23. Tim

    This paper should be read by all, including story hour at your local school. This paper is filled with truth, and the truth is backed by links so the unsure can research for themselves. Spread this paper around and get the word out!!
    Keep up the great work Druthers. FREEDOM is being taken away from us and the sad part is the masses, ( silent m) do not realise it.

  24. David

    Great informative paper keep it coming

  25. Gordon buchanan

    Druthers and The Epoch times are the only Canadian news papers worth reading

  26. Mike McClure

    This is the first time I heard about this newspaper that a friend gave me to read. I was blown away over it so im gonna subscribe and back order all issues. Thanks so much for a awesomely well put together paper based on true facts. And its writers have a beautiful way and style in the way it is reported. Keep up the awesome work.

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