2 Notice Of Action For Ivory Tower Tyrants


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Notice of Action for Ivory Tower Tyrants

Published On: March 1, 2024Tags: , ,

By Dan Knight

In the frostbitten heart of Ottawa, the echoes of the Freedom Convoy’s diesel-drenched roar from 2022 seem to be resurfacing, not on the streets this time, but within the cold, austere walls of the courtroom.

At the vanguard of this legal crusade is Harold Jonker, a name that has become synonymous with the trucker-led protest that sought to challenge the Canadian government’s vaccine mandates. Jonker, alongside a battalion of plaintiffs including both individuals and businesses, has launched a legal missile aimed squarely at the highest echelons of the Canadian government and its financial fortress.

Last Wednesday, a Calgary-based law firm filed a “notice of action” in Ontario Superior Court in Ottawa on behalf of about two dozen individuals and businesses who were “subjected to the unreasonable use of the Emergencies Act.”

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Folks, this isn’t just a lawsuit; it’s a declaration of war on what Jonker and his cohort view as an overreach of governmental powers, specifically through the invocation of the Emergencies Act. They’re not merely seeking reparations; they’re calling for a fundamental re-evaluation of the government’s crisis response mechanisms. The plaintiffs, a diverse group that reads like a roll call from various sectors of Canadian society, are united in their claim that the government, along with several major financial institutions, acted not just prematurely but unlawfully.

For those who don’t remember, Harold Jonker is a figure who embodies the spirit of defiance and resilience in the face of adversity. A Canadian trucker and former town councillor, Jonker catapulted into the national spotlight as a pivotal figure in the Freedom Convoy protests of 2022. His arrival in Ottawa wasn’t just a logistical maneuver; it was a statement, one that rallied countless others to the cause. Jonker’s leadership during these events was about more than logistics or coordination; it was about symbolizing a stand against vaccine mandates that directly impacted his livelihood and the operations of Jonker Trucking Inc.

Charged with four criminal offenses related to his role in the protests, including mischief and intimidation, Jonker’s decision to turn himself in on April 29th, 2023, was a testament to his character.

The core of their argument is a series of declarations they want the court to make, essentially stating that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his cabinet, by issuing the Proclamation Declaring a Public Order Emergency and its subsequent regulations, trampled on the rights guaranteed by the Canadian Charter of Rights and freedoms. They accuse the government of seizing and freezing assets without just cause, an act they equate to punishing Canadian citizens out of “panic, political spite, and the intention of punishing and intimidating.”

But their grievance doesn’t stop with the government.

The lawsuit also casts a wide net over several major Canadian banks, accusing them of acting in lockstep with the government’s alleged overreach by seizing and freezing the financial assets of those involved in or supporting the protests. This, the plaintiffs argue, was done without legal justification and amounted to a breach of trust, contract, and common law.

The damages being sought are not inconsequential. Each plaintiff is seeking up to $500,000 for a variety of alleged wrongs, including negligence, breach of contract, and unlawful interference, with additional claims for defamation, assault, battery, and harassment, each carrying its own hefty price tag. Beyond individual compensations, they’re also seeking punitive damages of $1,000,000 each, aiming to set a precedent that would deter the government and financial institutions from similar actions in the future.

And what’s at the heart of this legal juggernaut?

A quest for justice, or perhaps a desperate plea for a return to a world where the balance between security and personal freedoms isn’t so easily tipped by the scales of governmental power. This lawsuit serves as a stark reminder that when the government oversteps, there’s a courtroom waiting to become the battleground of democracy.

So, as we turn the page on this chapter, let’s reflect on the grand theater of Canadian politics. Where the lines between leadership and overreach blur, it seems our political elites, led by figures like Justin Trudeau, fancy themselves more as monarchs than public servants. They operate under the illusion that our rights are mere suggestions, easily dismissed in the face of their grand visions. They spin tales of “phantom honking” and paint dissenters as a “fringe minority,” believing they can mask their autocratic impulses under the guise of unity, all while their policies sow division and discord among those they swore to serve.

Let’s get one thing straight: If you sit in your ivory tower, concocting ways to consolidate your power by dividing us, by invalidating our concerns and our rights, you are gravely mistaken. The truckers, whose bank accounts you froze under the pretense of legality and morality, were not cowed into silence. Instead, they became the heralds of a growing movement challenging the narrative you desperately cling to. To those nestled comfortably in parliamentary chambers and corporate boardrooms, cloaked in the arrogance of power, listen closely. Your attempts to trample over our cherished Charter Rights, to dismiss the voices of your constituents as mere background noise, have not gone unnoticed.

In the true spirit of Canadian resilience and defiance, those whose rights you’ve declared to trample will not meekly step aside. No, in a display of unity and strength that transcends your divisive contact tactics, they will hold you accountable where it hurts the most—in the court of law.

So, to the political elite who believe they can rule like kings, who think our rights are negotiable, and that their path to power is paved with division: think again. The very people you underestimated, the truckers you thought you could silence, are now leading the charge. They, alongside countless Canadians, are a testament to the resilience and tenacity that define us. They will not apologize; they will not go quietly. Instead, they will take you to court.

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