Freedom Wins



Published On: March 1, 2024Tags: , , , , ,
  • Canadians no longer believe the lies! According to recent research by the CRTC (Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission), only one-third of Canadians consider mainstream media trustworthy and balanced. The survey followed Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s claim that Canada must subsidize the CBC to “protect our democracy.”
  • Alberta Premier Danielle Smith announces plans to ban puberty blockers for children 15 and younger unless they have already started the treatment.
  • Alberta government faces a class action lawsuit representing business owners affected by COVID-19 public health orders. The proposed suit follows the recent Ingram decision, where the Calgary Court of King’s Bench declared several of Alberta’s public health orders unlawfully enacted, setting a precedent for potential financial redress for impacted businesses.

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  • Justin Trudeau is sued for freezing bank accounts during The Freedom Convoy! Freedom Convoy organizers who had their bank accounts unlawfully frozen by the government two years ago have served Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland with lawsuits. Convoy organizers are seeking $2 million in damages each after a judge ruled Trudeau’s 2022 invocation of the Emergencies Act to be unconstitutional.
  • Druthers sues BMO for continuing to freeze funds raised during the Freedom Convoy. The $150,000 that was raised as a part of our “Hire-a-Trucker” campaign (to deliver Trudeau a Druthers) has been frozen for over two years.
  • Huge win for vaccine safety transparency—A US federal judge has now ordered the public release of all 7.8 million “free text” entries collected by V-safe, the CDC’s safety monitoring system for the COVID-19 vaccines.
  • After a federal procurement ombudsman exposed that 76% of listed ArriveCan app subcontractors did no work, the Canada Border Services Agency has asked the RCMP to investigate criminal charges for fraud and bribery related to the ArriveCan app. The report alleges “serious employee misconduct, so serious that the CBSA required the RCMP to investigate at least two criminal charges: fraud and bribery.” The ArriveCan was originally budgeted for $80 thousand but ended up costing Canadians at least $60 million, which is 750 times over budget.
  • A Florida grand jury has found that COVID-era lockdowns and mask mandates were unfounded, according to its recently released interim report. At the request of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, the grand jury was tasked with determining whether pharmaceutical companies and other medical organizations “engaged in criminal activity or wrongdoing” in their participation in the rollout of COVID-19 “vaccines.” The report concluded that lockdowns did more harm than good, masks were ineffective, COVID was “statistically almost harmless” to children and most adults, and it is “highly likely” that the CDC’s number of total COVID hospitalizations were inflated.
  • French farmers successfully revolt against the government’s attack on the country’s food supply, and WIN! In a similar fashion to our Truckers Freedom Convoy, tens of thousands of tractors across Europe have been revolting against new green rules, taxes, rising costs, and unfair competition from abroad—that ultimately result in a high cost to produce food. After French farmers stepped up protests, France promised to better control competing imports and give farmers additional aid.
  • Calgary Mayor Jyoti Gondek is facing a recall petition that could end her term in office, 18 months before the next municipal election. Gondek has come under fire for her public stances, including support of a bylaw that restricts public protests and ongoing attacks on pro-freedom Canadians. Johnston, the man who initiated the petition, said it is a bid to “hold these elected officials’ feet to the fire … Whether this petition is successful or not, it is my personal goal to make every last councillor uncomfortable to hold office whilst being so unfavourable in the eyes of the people they serve.” 
  • Hundreds of Alberta health-care workers who refused to take a COVID-19 shot are being financially compensated after filing grievances with their union. In February, almost 700 Alberta Health Services and Precision Laboratories employees were paid out as a result of their employment interruption due to COVID mandates.
  • The Democracy Fund announced that the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario formally withdrew charges against Dr. Jean Marc Benoit, an Ontario doctor who made “inflammatory comments” against the COVID-19 vaccine on Twitter/X.