Note To Globalist Predators


Argenteuil, France - Jan 29 2024 - View of the A15 motorway near Paris where the demonstration of farmers in tractors are blocked by the police. Franck Legros /

Note to Globalist Predators: Rolling Protests Until You Surrender

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By Elizabeth Nickson

I have captured on my hard drive several hundred incidents of farmers, truckers, rail workers, you name it, on the march in every country and every region in Europe. They are out by the tens of thousands, and they are staying out, rolling thunder up and down the roads, clogging up traffic, walling politicians in their homes, and dumping manure at every government building. In the U.K., right now, they are marshalling for a massive truck and tractor protest on the way to London. Paris is in trauma, all of France locked up on a rolling basis, by which I mean the police never know where it’s going to happen next. Every country, Poland, Greece, Italy, Corsica, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Spain, is on fire.

Here’s the witless Financial Times on February 23rd:

“It is a testament to how far political leaders and opinion formers have lost touch with agriculture that so few seem to have seen this coming. Governments that want to tackle climate change seem not to have thought through the effects on an industry that is facing rising production costs and falling global food prices.”

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Sorry, Camilla Cavendish (a more elitish name you cannot imagine), you are way, way, way out of date. Call yourself a reporter? Honey, you are a typist for the Rothschilds.

The Financial Times is about eighteen months behind the times. What is happening in Europe runs far deeper and presages far more systematic change than a temporary pulling back on taxes and regulation.

Nope, we are removing your lamp from your lampstand until you submit. Or, to be precise:

“… repent and do the deeds you did at first; or else I am coming to you and will remove your lampstand out of its place—unless you repent.


This is why the farmers’ revolt is significant:

John Dickenson’s Letters from a Farmer in Pennsylvania were carried from town to town, printed again and again, read out aloud at town meetings, electrifying pre-Revolutionary America. Farmers, said Dickenson, and I paraphrase, are the basis of any culture. Anger them too much, and things change. Plus, they are not beholden to anyone; they can feed and house themselves and are the base of independence; from their secure houses, new ideas are nurtured. Finally, they have mastered inputs and outputs. A farmer knows when a culture is failing. And they are respected. It was why Stalin murdered the Kulaks, too uppity, too unpredictable.

Another thinker, Henry St. John, the Viscount Bolingbroke, a Tory, founded the Country Party in opposition to the Whig ascendancy, which he called the Court Party, where advancement was doled out via preference and bribery, not the virtue of an idea or proposal. Bolingbroke (unreadable now) said that the country was from where all good things came: ingenuity, creativity, problem-solving. It must be heard. Bolingbroke and his friends are credited with the invention of a Parliamentary opposition.

He was exiled for his trouble, his properties confiscated, his wife left him, and he spent the time in Paris alternating whooping it up—famous for running naked along the Champs-Élysées—and consulting for bonny Prince Charlie’s daddy, James Stuart, who claimed the British throne. And fighting for his rights, Bolingbroke was eventually allowed home, ran for Parliament, and went on to challenge the Court party, unpacking the legislation until the special deals that bled the country were consigned to history. The subsequent economic boom produced a period of growth in Britain, leading to the Industrial Revolution. And to the American Revolution, because Bolingbroke was much-read by the American founders.

Sound familiar? Because here we are again. The World Economic Forum, in partnership with the United Nations, has divided up the world and said this goes here and that goes there, and “free trade” is everywhere, but we pick the winners and losers. The losers are the people of Western democracies, slated to be overrun, their history, traditions, and practices buried. Too uppity, too inconvenient.

Europe is, finally, on fire. In every country, farmers are on the roads, joined by truckers and rail workers. Sixty-nine percent of Germany, the most obedient population in the E.U., is on their side. Even little Corsica has its farmers out. This is just the beginning because farmers can come and go; they don’t have “jobs,” they have businesses, they are independent. In the last week of February, farmers started ripping up the fences outside the E.U.’s buildings with their backhoes. In France, farmers and truckers are walling government officials in their buildings. And while the specific complaint is Net-Zero and Europe’s Green New Deal, everything is on the table, especially the floods of immigrants breaking small cities, towns, rural Europe’s culture, traditions, and local economies.

Rishi Sunak, the globalist’s globalist, has announced that he is not backing down. Macron was chased through a market last weekend, but he, too, is holding firm. Like Trudeau and the interloper Biden, they cling to power. These countries claim they have clean elections. I doubt it. The electoral reason for mass immigration is immigrant vote bundling via fast-tracking to permanent residency. It happens everywhere. People who barely speak the host country’s language are told who to vote for by their community leaders, who distribute housing and benefits. Immigrants and migrants are sorted into swing districts where the cheat won’t be noticed. Migrants in the U.S. are overwhelmingly sent to red  (Republican) states.

In my opinion, in every single European country, elections are stolen via organized voter migration. I followed a politician friend who worked this angle and won, specifically an Attorney General of my province. This is why and how Trudeau clings to power—he has brought in 16 percent of the population in the last nine years, and many of them can vote. It is why Sunak and Macron won’t back down. They’re good. They’re protected. Their election, despite the rise of populism, is not in question. If Keir Starmer wins, it’s because the WEFers have decided he can.

Bureaucracy collides with food every single time. In the words of Morgan Ody, a vegetable farmer from France, and Vincent Delobel, a Walloon goat dairy farmer:

“Since the 1980s, various regulations that ensured fair prices for European farmers have been dismantled. The E.U. put all its faith in free trade agreements, which placed all the world’s farmers in competition with each other, encouraging them to produce at the lowest possible price at the cost of their own incomes and growing debt.”

And that is why we are here. The winners in the food game are the consolidators, the bureaucrats who decide food prices and, of course, the markets, and finally, the hedge funds. It is a case of taking from the poor and giving to the rich.

The entire environmental business has been captured, becoming yet another way to loot the public purse. The U.S. has borrowed $7 trillion over the past three years; 25% of that money went to “climate change” projects, all of which are simply garbage. This is theft.

The most important thing to know about “the environment,” the country, and rural regions, is that every place is different. The soil is different; the water, rains, and winds are different; even the air is different. The people have different and specific talents, and their culture grows first from the land, from the soil. In order to win against the specific nutrition created by specific regions, slaughter individual competition, and kill local cultures, the food giants have corrupted products to the point where obesity is killing us faster than any other condition.

I challenge you to really look at your fellow citizens. Does anyone look healthy? The chemical pollution of America’s food means that most of it is profoundly toxic. The Bio-Pharma lobby provides 50 percent of the FDA’s funds.

The lure of today’s Court party and the sickening culture of elite consumption is dying. All over the world, in countless places, people are innovating the food supply, healing the earth one field and forest at a time. There are little fires everywhere, but this time, they are connected in a giant web, like mushroom mycelia, the substrate of the earth, about to rise in yet another throwing off of a corrupt Court party.

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