Freedom Wins



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  • Newfoundland fisheries have won their battle for freedom! After protesting for weeks outside the Confederation Building in St. John’s for a free and open fishery market (i.e., not to be restricted to selling only to the large corporations in the area), fishermen reached a deal with the NL government that allows catch to be sold to outside buyers.
  • After a group of doctors, including Dr. Paul Marik, took the FDA to court for spreading lies about the efficacy and safety of ivermectin for the treatment of COVID-19, the FDA settled and agreed to remove all social media posts and directives that claim we should not use ivermectin to treat or prevent COVID-19. Dr. Marik utilized ivermectin in his COVID-19 treatment protocol as Chief of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine at Eastern Virginia Medical School and Director of the Intensive Care Unit at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital. Marik was made to remove the protocol from the school’s servers while Sentara issued a memorandum to hospitals telling them to stop using ivermectin for COVID-19, citing the FDA.
  • More than four times more parents are against vaccinating their children compared to pre-pandemic times, a new Canadian survey by the Angus Reid Institute shows. Canadian parents opposing the vaccination of their children rose from 4% in 2019 to 17% in 2024. The survey also found that 29% of parents expressed skepticism surrounding the science of vaccines, and 34% feared the risk of significant side effects. The survey also indicated a decline in the percentage of Canadian parents who believe vaccinations should be mandatory for school children, dropping from 70% in 2019 to 55% in 2024.

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  • Bill banning chemtrails passes in Tennessee Senate. The Tennessee Bill, SB2691 (HB2063), would ban the government from engaging in  “geoengineering experiments” and “intentionally dispersing chemicals into the atmosphere” in the state. Similar legislation has been introduced in at least six other states.
  • Bad news for COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers. A new bill would allow Americans to sue COVID vaccine manufacturers directly. The Let Injured Americans Be Legally Empowered (LIABLE) Act would strip COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers in the US of liability protections, enabling Americans who took vaccines that were misleadingly promoted and federally mandated to pursue civil litigation for their injuries.
  • Arbitrator James Hayes has ruled that nine Ontario nurses, dismissed for not receiving two COVID-19 vaccinations, should be reinstated as their termination was deemed “unreasonable.” Hayes wrote, “Their employee rights may not be ignored,” and stated that the policy should have allowed for the option of unpaid leave.
  • Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA) backs down on its COVID-19 vaccine mandate, offering those who lost their jobs the opportunity to return to work. In their statement, NSHA said, “This change reflects our commitment to respecting the choices and autonomy of our staff members while also considering the evolving landscape of COVID-19 in its endemic phase.”
  • The National Health Services (NHS) of England announces that children will no longer be prescribed puberty blockers at gender identity clinics. After reviewing the damaging effects of the hormones on children, the NHS said banning puberty blockers is “in the best interests of kids.” Puberty blockers inhibit normal development of puberty, such as facial hair and breast development, and cause other health issues, such as weakened bones. Health officials said the government “welcomes this landmark decision by the NHS” and healthcare should be evidence-based to protect the “best interests of the child.”
  • The crown attorney has withdrawn all criminal charges against William Laframboise, the alleged leader of the Windsor/Ambassador Bridge Freedom Convoy in 2022. Laframboise was facing criminal mischief charges.
  • Idaho Senate Bill 1245, nicknamed the “Pesticide Immunity Bill” was shot down despite intense lobbying by the Bayer (Monsanto) Corporation. The Bill would have given pesticide manufacturers immunity against liability for EPA-sanctioned pesticides. This legislation would have been similar to the 1986 Act, which gave vaccine manufacturers immunity against liability for injury and death caused by their products. We can all thank a coalition of advocacy groups, farmers, and other individuals for standing up to this sham legislation.
  • Trust in “experts” is on the decline among Americans, according to a recent national telephone and online survey conducted by Rasmussen Reports. The findings reveal that, when it comes to making healthcare decisions, a mere 35% of American adults feel confident in relying on advice from experts.” In contrast, 58% of people emphasize the importance of conducting their own research before making such decisions.
  • Canadians’ trust in politicians has dropped to a new low, a recently released survey has found. The CanTrust Index 2024 said faith in the country’s top leader has dropped by 21% in the last eight years, with just 25% of Canadians today saying they trust Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Overall, only 17% of Canadians trust elected officials, and only about 30% trust their Premiers.
  • Arbitrator rules Fanshawe College’s COVID-19 vaccine policy, which resulted in placing an unvaccinated professor (Andrew Wing) on unpaid leave despite teaching remotely from home, was “not reasonable.”
  • A class-action lawsuit has been launched against Alberta and the federal government on behalf of Albertans who say they were harmed by COVID-19 vaccines. Jeffrey Rath, lead counsel on the case, stated that the defendants used “coercion” to make the public take the vaccines, including “by stripping their rights from them.”