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Absurdity Observer – March 2024

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Google’s latest AI-powered image generation tool, “GEMINI,” has been accused of going “woke” for refusing to create images of white people. This was highlighted by Fox News following reports from social media users who noticed that images of people the tool was generating were all people of colour—even when prompted to generate images of historical white figures, such as the Founding Fathers. When Fox News directly asked the AI to generate a picture of a white person, the tool abstained, citing a policy to avoid reinforcing harmful stereotypes and generalizations about people based on their race. When specifically requested to display images of black individuals, GEMINI complied. GEMINI is now paused.

Email trove shows Amazon “censored” books that encouraged vaccine hesitancy after pestering from the White House. House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan released the plethora of internal documents between Amazon and the White House (dubbed “The Amazon Files”), which included emails showing that Amazon “censored” vaccine and COVID-19 content after “feeling pressure” from Biden’s administration.

Alarming levels of a pesticide linked to infertility found in 80% of Americans (Temkin et al.) Independent testing commissioned by the Environmental Working Group also detected “concerning amounts” of the pesticide “chlormequat,” linked to reproductive and developmental problems, in 13 of 14 popular non-organic oat-based cereals tested, including Cheerios and Quaker Oats.

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NDP-tabled Bill C-372, dubbed the Fossil Fuel Advertising Act, aims to equate the promotion of fossil fuels with the stark warnings found on cigarette packages. Yet, the implications stretch far beyond advertising. This bill introduces severe penalties, including significant fines and potential jail time, for any Canadian bold enough to speak in favour of fossil fuels.

BC instructs Canadians to stop saying “British Columbians” because it’s offensive. A BC NDP government guide that aims to promote more inclusive language and avoid “outdated” and offensive terms urged people to refrain from the term “British Columbians.” The guide reads, “The term excludes Indigenous Peoples who may not identify with it… and do not consider themselves part of one that has actively worked to assimilate their people.” Instead, it suggests employing the phrase “people living in BC” to be more inclusive of diverse populations, including immigrants.

Largest COVID vaccine study ever finds shots are linked to an increased risk of neurological, blood, and heart disorders. The CDC-funded study published to Elsevier (Faksova et al.) analyzed 99 million people who received Moderna, Pfizer, and AstraZeneca jabs and found a statistically significant increased risk of all 13 conditions tested. A single shot was found to have doubled the risk of Guillain-Barré, and nearly quadrupled the risk of brain swelling. Moderna vaccinated individuals were over six times more likely to develop myocarditis after the second dose alone (not including the additional increased risk from the first shot). Pericarditis was also found to be significantly increased, ranging up to seven times increased risk per dose.

While the CDC was urging parents to vaccinate their kids and denying the possibility that the shots cause heart damage, Pfizer was secretly studying just how badly its mRNA COVID vaccine damaged children’s hearts. In 2021, Pfizer studied a heart damage marker, Troponin I, in 5-to-15-year-olds. The CDC and other top health agencies sought to cover up evidence of COVID-vaccine-associated myocarditis in minors, according to emails obtained through FOIA by Ed Berkovich. Myocarditis is inflammation of the heart resulting in tissue degeneration or necrosis, and has a 50% five-year survival rate, according to the Cleveland Clinic website.

Public health issues suspension orders to 18,643 elementary students in Waterloo Region, Ontario, as well as 10,000 high school students, for having out-of-date vaccination records, as required by Ontario’s Immunization of School Pupils Act (ISPA).

Gardening is bad for the Earth, according to mainstream headlines reporting on the first-ever large-scale study of its kind by the University of Michigan (Hawes et al.) The study found that the carbon footprint of homegrown foods is five times greater than those produced from “conventional” agricultural practices, such as large-scale rural farms. The study’s results seemed to be skewed by the inclusion of a strangely high number of home gardens with a large amount of infrastructure (sheds, raised beds).

After giving over $37 billion in corporate handouts across four Ontario electric car plants last year, the government wants to give a little more. Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland has made new amendments to Income Tax Act regulations that grant a decade-long tax waiver to battery factories, on top of the billions in subsidies they are already receiving. “The cost of foregone federal tax revenue associated with the regulatory amendment is estimated to be about $2.1 billion over 10 years starting in 2024,” reads a Regulatory Impact Analysis Statement first obtained by Blacklock’s Reporter.

Canada’s intelligence agency (CSIS) admitted it is closely monitoring the activities of activists and groups associated with the parent’s rights movement, particularly those opposing radical gender ideology. The report also lumped together the “Freedom Movement” with extremist groups like neo-Nazis.

Trans-women’s milk is as good as breast milk, says UK health officials. Drug-induced “chestfeeding” liquid is “comparable” to that from mothers when it comes to baby nourishment, claims an NHS trust. The NHS Trust also noted that the term “human milk” is more “gender neutral” than “breast milk,” presumably since “chestfeeding” trans women may not necessarily have breasts. The letter fails to state that domperidone, used to produce milk in biological men for “chestfeeding,” is an “off-label” GI drug that has been linked to heart problems in babies.

Trudeau wasted $60 million of taxpayers money on the ArriveScam app. As confirmed through the Auditor General’s report into this fiasco, the report showed clearly that millions of dollars of taxpayer money was wasted by Trudeau Government officials who rigged the contracting process for their friends. The results of this decision have been disastrous: ArriveCan was originally budgeted for $80 thousand but ended up costing Canadians at least $60 million, which is 750 times over budget. Even when it was operational, it mistakenly forced 10,000 Canadians into quarantine.

Environment Canada’s new five-year strategy, “Science Strategy 2024 to 2029,” notes using “climate-altering technologies” to deliberately alter the atmosphere and block out the sun. The document specifically mentions “solar radiation modification,” which encompasses a range of methods, such as injecting aerosols into the stratosphere to deflect solar radiation. Critics warn that polluting our air with aerosols could exacerbate climate change, damage the ozone layer and pose a health risk.

In a shocking testimony to the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic, Dr. Peter Marks, the director of the FDA, reluctantly admitted that he rushed the approval process for the COVID-19 vaccines, and removed those who attempted to keep to a more traditional timetable.