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717 Days Locked Up Without Trial

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“Canada’s Dirty Little Secret”

By Kyle Cardinal (The Truth Matters)

Presumption of innocence in Canadian Law
Bill of Rights: The burden of proof is on he who declares, not he who denies.Charter of Rights and Freedoms: Section 11[d] protects the innocent in two ways.

  1. Guarantees the right of any person charged with an offence to be presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.
  2. Guarantees that the process whereby the guilt of an accused will be proved, and will be fair.

Your right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty is fundamental to due process.The average length of stay at any Remand Centre in Alberta (and across Canada) is from 18-30 days. As of February 1, 2024, the Coutts Four have been in Remand for 717 days without bail or due process.

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Remand is the purgatory of the prison system where you are placed in a small cage to await a bail hearing before being processed and moved to a place that is more fit for human survival. Two years locked in one spot for an accusation cannot and should not be the way our legal system works! What these four courageous men are being put through is a form of torture and a human rights issue to the core. By default, their incarceration has deemed them Guilty Until Proven Innocent for their time already served. If proven innocent, this time will not be reimbursed.

Tony Olienick, Jerry Morin, Chris Carbert, and Chris Lysak are four political prisoners caught up in a ploy to justify Justin Trudeau and the Canadian government’s unjustified (illegal) use of the Emergencies Act on February 14, 2022, used to subdue the peaceful protests that were happening all across Canada, including Coutts, Alberta, on the border of the United States. These protests took place because the government was forcing its people to be inoculated with an experimental gene-editing “vaccine” used on humans for the first time, resulting in the death and harm of many Canadians and people around the world.

There is more than enough evidence today showing the harms that the mRNA shots have caused, and, moreover, that the government received enough testimony, studies, and data proving these harms exist. Yet, they still continue to push the shots on Canadians today in 2024. In addition to the economic fallout that ensued from the ineffective, unproven mandates, it looks like the purposeful destruction of our health and wellness, economy, and our God-given basic way of life!

So, what would you do if you see the government killing your parents in seniors’ homes, killing countless doctors and nurses, killing your family, your friends, and your children? Children just wanted to take part in extracurricular activities and sports. You do what you can to stop them like any sane person would do. Right?

If you looked out in your back alley and saw a politician, a judge, and an RCMP officer indiscriminately killing a bunch of children, you would stop them “by any means necessary” before they killed more children, yes?!

For the Convoys of 2022, Canadians didn’t choose the “any means necessary” approach. We did it peacefully, without violence. The only violence perpetrated was by the RCMP with their jackboots and billy clubs against peaceful protestors. Politicians on the mainstream news and in front page newspaper headlines divided the public with malfeasant lies about the protestors, followed by the court’s complacency in all the injustices!

Canadians in Coutts, Ottawa, and all across Canada showed our government and the people of the world that we could face tyrannical adversities peacefully with a level head and intent to stop the madness of this forced inoculation campaign. In other words, the government was killing Canadians, and still, we weren’t violent. The next best thing they had to justify the Emergencies Act was to find four patsies and accuse them of “thinking” about doing something violent. Allegedly.

These four men would never have been at a peaceful protest had our government not first committed the crimes and atrocities it did against its own people. There are many Canadians still fighting ridiculous charges in corrupt courts for the sole offence of standing against tyrannical government mandates that cause death and destruction. Not one of these people, especially these four men, should be on trial for doing what is right and just. The government needs to be put on trial. If we let the government set a precedent with these four cases, this is how each and every one of us and all of our children stand to be treated in the future: Guilty Until Proven Innocent.

Conspiracy to commit murder of RCMP officers is the big charge against these four men who have been sitting in cages since February 14, 2022, with still no due process that our judicial system is meant to upkeep. Surely, if the government and the RCMP had enough evidence to prove these men’s guilt, the evidence “obtained” would be used for a ruling by now.

So, here’s where we are. The government has committed the worst crimes against its people, arrested those who tried to stop the crime, and are now holding them illegally.

Make no mistake, this is tyranny.

What is happening to these four men could have happened to anyone. They are normal people like the rest of us. They have families to look after and before their arrests, they were productive members of society. Even through all this torment, they continue to be optimistic.

Tony Olienick, 41, is an only child to his 81-year-young Mother Tessie. He has a gravel company, and has currently had to sell off most of his equipment to pay off his $600,000 legal fees. Tony has never even had so much as a speeding ticket prior to being incarcerated for protesting the government’s harmful mandates. He has severe issues with SIBO (gut health), which continues since being in remand without access to proper health care. Tony has written hundreds of letters to people who have written to him. Please send a letter of hope. Anthony Olienick (Tony), Inmate #2200620 Care of Medicine Hat Remand Centre, 874 Second Street SE, Medicine Hat, Alberta T1A 8H2 (

Jerry Morin, 42, has been making his living as a Lineman. He can tell you a story about being everywhere in his travels. He is a father of three children and married to his amazing wife, Jacklyn. Jerry loves to draw, so since his incarceration, he has used his art as a source of strength to get through this tragic experience he and his family are living through. Through his letters and updates you can see that Jerry has still retained his great spirit and love for life. Please send a letter of hope. Jerry Morin, Inmate #2182289 Care of Calgary Correctional Centre, 11808 85 Street NW, Calgary, Alberta T3R 1J3 (

Chris Carbert, 44, owns his landscaping and fencing business. Before being incarcerated, he employed seven people who relied on him to support their families. His company has won multiple local awards and he has been revered as a great man in his community. Chris is the father of an 11-year-old daughter and a nine-year-old son. He had raised his son from nine months to nine years, and his son is now living with his mother. Chris has run the longest-ever Bible study in the Lethbridge Remand. Please send a letter of hope. Chris Carbert, Inmate #1322255 Care of Lethbridge Correctional Centre PO Bag 3001, Lethbridge, Alberta, T1J 3Z3 (

Chris Lysak, 49, works in the trades as an electrician. People describe Chris as a giant teddy bear with a heart of gold. At six foot five, he is forced to sleep on a standard length mattress in the Remand Centre. Unable to get proper shoes, he only has Crocs to wear. He is an avid hunter and a man of the land. He is also a single father of two daughters who are his everything and these last two years without them is breaking his heart. Time he will never get back with them. Please send a letter of hope. Chris Lysak, Inmate #1477491 Care of Lethbridge Correctional Centre PO Bag 3001, Lethbridge, Alberta T1J 3Z3 (

All four men are the bread earners of their families. The tragedy goes beyond them and reverberates through the lives of each of the family members. None of us can imagine the emotional anguish and financial stress that is upon these families. One beautiful woman who has been there for the men and their families is Margaret “Granny” Mackay. Without this woman, none of us would know that four men were being held in such conditions. Granny has been an ear every night for all four men when they call, and has done what she can to make sure that they are getting medical care when needed. She looks after their families, and, to date, has run one of the most successful fundraising campaigns, bringing in $320,000. Split evenly between the four men, the funds have covered their mortgages, bills, legal fees, and clothes and food for their kids, and anything the families have needed while our criminal government is holding their providers in deplorable conditions.

Granny couldn’t do this alone and has received much help from the friends and family members of Tony, Jerry, Chris C, and Chris L. Support has also poured in from the communities of freedom-loving people across Canada with their letters and donations. Meanwhile, Granny, some of the family members, and the network of support surrounding the Coutts Four have recently been on the receiving end of attacks and have powered through. What they have shown is that perseverance is key. Just aim for the end zone and let darkness ricochet off, stay on the journey, and never give up! They can’t give up, because four men are relying on them.

Each of these men should be entitled to a fair and just legal system, but Canada, our government, the RCMP, and the courts have turned their backs on them and their families. They are trying to dismantle the laws intended to protect Canadians. We’ve seen how the mainstream media is central to creating the narratives meant to distract our attention from crimes committed by our supposed leaders. It feels like sleight-of-hand magic tricks. “Hey, look over here!!” And to top it all off the courts have put a “publication ban” on any of the Coutts Four story from reaching the public. Mainstream media only covered their arrests. It’s Canada’s dirty little secret. This story should be the headline of every media outlet across Canada. You should ask yourself, “Why doesn’t the government want the story of the Coutts Four out there?!”

Over the last four years, many of us have realized that something very sinister is underway, eroding our rights and freedoms.

We need to “flip the script” in 2024 and get a hold on these government thugs leading us into a future that will only benefit a few at the top. The government and its handlers need to be held to account for their crimes before we condemn Canadians for alleged crimes.

We can’t let our justice system continue with this “Guilty Until Proven Innocent” nonsense. The Coutts Four can set a precedent either way. Either we let the powers-that-be use this situation as a stepping stone to more tyranny, or we use it to turn the tables on the government for the crimes they have committed against the people of Canada. We need to get our heads straight. We are not the criminals. The government and their string pullers are the criminals.

Tony, Jerry, Chris C, Chris L, and their families are going to need our help bringing a massive amount of attention to this situation in 2024, and it’s not just for them; it’s for all Canadians. These four men stepped up for their country when we needed them. Now it is our turn to give back to them in any way we can. Letters to keep their spirits up and financial help for their families and for their lawyers is much needed at this point. Please donate to them individually or as a group:

It will be interesting to see what unfolds as a result of the recent Supreme Court’s ruling that the Liberal government unconstitutionally and unjustifiably invoked the Emergencies Act in February 2022.

We need to figure out whether we have laws in place that enable us to protect our Children and Families. So far we’re just seeing laws that protect our politicians.

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