The Erosion Of Xx


The Erosion of XX

Published On: April 1, 2024Tags: ,

By Lisa Robinson

In 2022, Matt Walsh from The Daily Wire, delved into the question “What is a Woman?” in his documentary that went viral with over 177 million views on Twitter. I found his journey to be quite disturbing as he tries to get answers to questions that generations long before us never knew they needed to ask. Personally, being a woman myself, which is an adult female with XX chromosomes, I feel the concept of womanhood has been under continuous attack as biological males encroach upon spaces and rights that women have fought tirelessly for decades to secure.

The erosion of our identity as women and the mockery made of our experiences from those like Dylan Mulvaney, have become an injustice that cannot be ignored. Women have persevered through countless struggles to assert their rights and demand equality for centuries. From the right to vote in public elections to reproductive rights, we have marched, protested, and sacrificed much to establish and forge our path in society today. Yet, in a cruel twist of fate, the very essence of womanhood is now being undermined by those who seek to erase our unique experiences and replace them with a distorted version of reality.

One need only look at the absurdity of biological males pretending to menstruate, use tampons, and infiltrate women’s sports and private spaces to see the extent of this mockery. The notion that calling mothers “birthing persons” and “breast feeders” somehow promotes inclusivity is not only absurd but deeply insulting to the sacrifices and struggles of women throughout history.

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Where are the feminists who once stood at the forefront of the fight for women’s rights? Why have so many retreated into silence, cowed by the fear of being labeled as bigots, racists, or transphobes? The deafening silence of those who claim to champion women’s rights in the face of such blatant erasure speaks volumes about the state of modern feminism. I want to be clear, biological men cannot have babies. It is women who bear the burden of childbirth and nurture the next generation. Women are the ones who keep society alive and populated, and our experiences as women are unique and irreplaceable. To suggest otherwise is not only absurd but an affront to our very existence.

If one were to take 100 women and 10 men and drop them off on a deserted island, in 100 years you would find a thriving society full of men, women, boys and girls. Now what if one were to take 100 transwomen and 10 men and drop them off on a deserted island, what would you find in 100 years? Answer – You would find 110 corpses. This, I can say with certainty, is the unequivocal truth. I think it’s high time that feminists reclaim their voices and stand in solidarity against this assault on womanhood. Time to reject the false narratives of inclusivity that seek to erase our identities and experiences. Time to demand recognition and respect for the struggles and sacrifices of women throughout history. Not only does this concern extend beyond matters of sexuality but it also encompasses the ongoing treatment women endure at the hands of the prevailing gender.

For example, in the hallowed halls of council chambers, the struggle for gender equality rages on with women continuing to face entrenched biases and discrimination. Despite making strides in securing seats at the table, the journey towards true representation remains fraught with challenges and obstacles. Certain men in positions of power still believe they possess the authority to dominate and exert power over women. As a strong, independent woman on the council, I have borne witness to the insidious tactics employed by certain colleagues to undermine my authority, diminish my contributions, and silence my voice.

The pervasive atmosphere of the “old boys’ club” rears its ugly head time and time again, with certain members using inappropriate and unwelcome conversations of a sexual nature and the use of psychological harassment. We have a mayor who resorts to tactics such as yelling and name-calling, all designed to belittle, discredit, and intimidate not only me, but other women who attend Council chambers for refusing to sit down or because they did not obey when told to stop speaking. Despite the strides made by having three women on council, the unfortunate reality is that not all female councillors champion the cause of women’s rights. In a disappointing turn of events, I have found myself isolated and marginalized, with no support. Instead of embracing diversity of thought and perspective, certain councillors persist in perpetuating a toxic culture of misogyny and disrespect.

The struggle for gender equality extends beyond mere representation—it is about creating an inclusive and equitable environment where all voices are heard and respected. Yet, the journey towards this ideal remains fraught with challenges, as evidenced by my request for additional security measures at council meetings due to targeted harassment and intimidation towards women.

As I prepare to once again speak truth to power on sensitive topics, I am bracing myself for the inevitable backlash and vitriol that will ensue. The prospect of being yelled at, called names, and ridiculed is a sobering reminder of the uphill battle that women continue to face in the pursuit of speaking the truth and fighting for justice and equality.

I will continue to speak out against injustice, champion the cause of women’s rights, and fight tirelessly for a more inclusive and equitable society that does not divide people by the colour of their skin, religious beliefs, or sexual preferences.

“Strength Does Not Lie In The Absence Of Fear, But In The Courage To Face It Head-On And Rise Above It”

Lisa Robinson is a Pickering City Councillor
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