Canadian Weather Modification Confirmed

Canadian Weather Modification CONFIRMED

PROOF: Weather Modification Is Real!

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By Amandha Dawn Vollmer

When out walking with your friend, do you point to the hazy sky with airplane tracks crisscrossing above, blanketing our beautiful blue skies and hiding our life-giving sun, and refer to them as chemtrails? Does your friend say, “That’s just water vapour, chemtrails are a conspiracy theory,” and that’s the end of the discussion? Well, now, you can reference the 54-page FOI we just received and the letter that came with it (see references at end of article).

While this Freedom Of Information is “lightweight” as it only shows us a small fraction of the cloud-seeding activities in one province in Canada (Alberta), it’s solid evidence that what is happening has been going on for a very long time.

I have been aware of geoengineering since 2003 and have tried, in my every capacity, to wake people out of their hypnotic daze so we can take action to halt it. I have compiled vast resources on the topic, of which there are many to find with a simple internet search. The sheer amount of data on this topic can be overwhelming, with agencies and UN-backed groups holding conferences on how to dominate the “climate” for decades. Meanwhile, people parrot their TV brainwashing, and discredit people working hard to raise awareness of these dangerous activities to protect future generations from the impending disastrous consequences of the fake climate-change narrative by globalists with the UN 2030 Agenda.

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Recently, I became frustrated anew at the level of spraying over my Ontario, Canada acreage and wondering why it is continuing unabated, I decided to research current lawsuits and figure out how to raise public awareness and stop the covert programs in their tracks.

Not one to linger in victimhood mentality, I took direct action using multiple techniques and devices to attempt to clear the milky haze out of the sky above my property with varying success.

It’s not enough for me. These maniacs must be stopped.

Remember when the founder of The Weather Channel, an educated and trained meteorologist, stepped forward and called climate change the hoax that it is? Where have people with brains gone off to? I bet one component is all the aluminum oxide, barium (more), lithium, calcium chloride and silver salts they are spraying us with.

Why are they creating weather warfare? Many reasons. For one, with the lie of climate change, they usher in the unscientific notion of carbon as “bad” and therefore humans as “dangerous” and in need of tighter control (when carbon is actually good for plant life and life in general). Secondly, assigning each person and company a carbon footprint, carbon credits, carbon tax, we will be tracked for everything we do, buy, eat, and travel. Ultimately, they want to reduce carbon, which is a totally false theory, because WE are carbon. So, it’s New World Order language for “we want to reduce YOU.”

They wax about saving the planet by excusing their cloud seeding as something heroic and “safe” to prevent large hail, dull down large storms, reduce drought, and prevent farmers’ fields from flooding. If that were true, then weather disasters should be reducing and not rising. Hail should be smaller, food should be aplenty with prices falling and abundance everywhere, except that it’s not. If this were true, they wouldn’t be spraying pretty much EVERY DAY, flying up into blue skies, criss-crossing a mess up there, making “wisps of clouds” and turning our glorious sky into a milk-wash. I’ve witnessed far too much to fall for a sweet little cover story such as that.

Message to the sprayers: You are damaging life with your actions. We demand you halt!

Seeding Chart For Amandha Article

On May 22, 2022, I had a call with human rights attorney Leigh Dundas to ask her how she would approach a successful lawsuit. She thought it would work best as a grassroots movement-style class-action lawsuit based on one or two specific chemicals they are spraying, linking these chemicals to the causation of harm, either in man or in nature. This means gathering scientific and medical data, compiling it, getting “experts” to testify and of course raising the funds for the evidence gathering. We discussed whether or not the programs impinged more so on personal or property rights, were we able to find a “commonality of claim” (for example the same chemical causing the same damage), and said that class action lawsuits generally have their own funding so it is a more affordable route to take. She said to “shop law firms” and gather the various action groups together for a more effective front. Using templates of successful organophosphate lawsuits from aerial spraying could be an effective approach.

Wayne from Ethics Over Fear, learning that I was researching lawsuits and seeking a Canadian opinion, introduced me to Alberta attorney Tony Vacca, who had presented a Federal Crown Charter challenge in the courts in 2020. When I spoke with Tony and another of his team named Henry on May 25, 2022, he informed me that the court seemed “concerned” but really didn’t know what to do with the information, so it was dismissed. They have plans to appeal. Despite the massive levels of evidence of geoengineering programs happening in Canada and worldwide, one of the major problems is finding the target of the lawsuits and the correct avenue to halt the spraying, HAARP, ELAT, Woodpecker, NEXRAD, and other experimental cloud seeding projects. He suggested one of the main roadblocks was the lack of enough noise coming out of at least four countries simultaneously, that if this happened it would be too big for them to ignore. He also stated that the gold standard for the court would be air samples but they are expensive to gather; in the realm of close to a million dollars to produce. He said allies he’s been aligned with include Marvin Herndon, a nuclear scientist, and Bill Vanderzan, former premier of British Columbia.

Then I reached out to my friend Christine Massey of Fluoride Free Peel, since she is a wiz at Freedom of Information Requests (FOIs), and asked her if she would assist by requesting one to the Canadian Government about their geoengineering programs. She forwarded to me and had put in the FOI request for:

“All informations, records and reports that have been provided (to the man/woman acting as “Administrator”) under either s. 3 or s. 4 of the Weather Modification Information Act R.S.C., 1985, c. W-5 since January 1, 2012.”

While waiting on that FOI, I received this content from Shelly Hipson (November 2022) who did the FOI after seeing all the cloud formations covering the sun over her home in Nova Scotia.

The Department of Transportation was also suggested in addition to Natural Resources and Defense. This content was a start, and my goodness, is it ever fascinating!

In this vanilla-coated FOI, they admit to spraying two main chemicals: calcium chloride and “ice flares’’ which are a combination chemical of acetone, silver iodide, sodium perchlorate, paradichlorobenzene and ammonium iodine that create an ice nucleus of iodide-silver chloride-salt and carbon dioxide.

Yes, you heard that right: they are fighting climate change but making combustion products of carbon dioxide? I think I just heard their carbon score take a dive. No more flights for you! This FOI isn’t much as far as the extent of what they are up to, (see Dane Wigington’s Geoengineering Watch website for more data) nor what is happening throughout Canada, however what we do have are flight logs, times, chemical use, and evidence of cloud seeding focused on “hail stopping” and thunderstorm modification. This document should be proof enough to jar the sleepers out of their denialism about cloud seeding. However, for me at least, more importantly we have NAMES: the names of companies and people involved with this sh*tshow. The main problem with figuring out how to stop them is finding the culprits to sue. Now we have some places to start.

For now, let’s keep digging, educating, strategizing and collaborating to stop the spraying because I cherish all life: nature is what we are meant to protect, not poison. Toying with natural systems is a HUGE mistake, the results of which we are already experiencing. There is no scary climate change, but there is geoengineering at the hands of a few causing climate chaos and manipulating mankind into yet another deep delusion, furthering their plans to create some warped one world order Orwellian dystopia. I am not leaving my daughter in this cesspool of insanity. Maybe it’s time to start a company that reconstructs Reich’s Cloud Busting machine to retaliate. It’s time to get loud, collect names, and take action.

The 54-page FOI report:

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