8 Mainstream Media Is A Weapon


Mainstream Media is a Weapon

Published On: March 1, 2024Tags: ,

By Shellie Troy 

It’s a safe bet that anyone against research is in the midst of avoiding their own ignorance or culpability—or they’re corrupt and wanting to keep a nefarious agenda concealed. You don’t have to look very far to figure out why so many are averse; mainstream media (MSM) is busy trying to grind everyone into their version of correct groupthink:

“Doing Your Own Research is a Good Way of Being Wrong”
– The Washington Post, January 2024

Investigative journalist and stand-up comic, Jimmy Dore, poked holes in this guidance in one of his performances:

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“You know, before COVID, doing your own research used to be called reading. You would never shame people for trying to get informed, no matter what other subject it was, no matter how unimportant. Like if I say, Hey I’m gonna go buy a car. Don’t look into it! Well, how would I know which car to get? Ask the salesman!…”

This little gem of 1984 doublespeak would make Orwell spin in his grave:

Don’t Go Down the Rabbit Hole: Critical thinking, as we’re taught to do it, isn’t helping in the fight against misinformation.
– New York Times, February 2021

Covid showed us that doing research has become necessary, if not crucial. Corporate media—local, national, and international—all pushed identical “news,” hammering the phrases “all scientists agree” and “safe and effective” which functioned to squash questions and doubt. As one protestor accurately put it, “Of course all scientists agree when you censor the ones who don’t.” As for “safe and effective,” pharmaceutical companies weren’t telling.

Blackout clauses were built into their contracts. Before American courts forced them to do so, vaccine makers didn’t have to provide any clinical trial data for 75 years! And they are legally protected from liability. How is this possible? Gun manufacturers can be sued for manufacturing defects but vaccine manufacturers cannot. Harming or killing consumers with spoiled food, a dangerous toy or even a car, is a serious crime, but harming or killing people with a vaccine isn’t?

People have begun collapsing and dying on camera. Professional athletes dropping on soccer fields, tennis pros dropping on the court, TV hosts falling out of the camera frame, lecturers toppling like trees, and performers staggering sideways and crumpling into a heap on stage, causing audiences to gasp, unsure if what they’re seeing is part of the performance. The young and healthy are dying, all-cause mortality numbers climbing, miscarriages increased, chronic disease increased, and alarming stats pouring in. (1) (2)

Scientists with courage and backbone who sounded the alarm on shoddy clinical trials were rapidly silenced and de-platformed. (Later, after Elon Musk bought Twitter—now called X—censorship lifted.) The few brave doctors who blew the whistle were ruined; nurses who refused to vaccinate or go along with Covid emergency protocols were ostracized, fired or laid off and denied Employment Insurance benefits.

Funeral home embalmers are finding sinewy white strings in the blood of cadavers, some as thick and long as a pencil. They, too, feared speaking out, though one eventually did at the National Citizens Inquiry. (3) Dissenting voices of all kinds, professional and layman, all were silenced and crushed. And you wouldn’t have known any of this unless you were researching or listening to others doing research—many of whom are on X.

If your primary source of official “health” information during Covid was the TV news, especially CBC, you were totally brainwashed. I know because I was one of them. Despite my instincts telling me not to do it, despite not understanding mRNA, despite being repelled by the words “new technology” in the same sentence as “vaccine” I decided to get the first dose of Moderna.

“I’ll take one for the team, I told myself.”

Four months later, my heart suddenly went wonky—irregular heartbeat, dizzy spells, blood pressure so high my doctor was alarmed. By then, reports were starting to come in about deaths from the AstraZeneca jab. The UK and other countries were stopping its use. With some bitterness, I listened as my doctor told me she didn’t think my symptoms were related. How was she so sure when up until that point, I had no health issues? Then I had to go on heart medication normally given to the very elderly. Ill be on it for the rest of my life. 

When you realize you’ve been profoundly conned it’s very destabilizing. At first, I was gripped with self-loathing for being so stupid, then shame, then rage. The rage turned into determination to expose the health cons and I began monitoring mainstream media far and wide for any reports on sudden deaths or the myriad of vax injuries. Nothing. Complete blackout. Instead, they kept pummelling us with propaganda and lies until families fractured, friendships severed, and affiliations fell apart. Not to mention all the rest of the damage.

Many people were turned into proto-Nazis who called for the quarantine and shunning of the unvaxxed; hysteria and hatred spread like black mould. Those who chose body autonomy over an untested, experimental drug had their lives turned into a nightmare. Canada was being marched into fascism—no food, no life, no school, no travel, no services, no gatherings. And the fans of MSM were happy to show their papers: proof of vax status wasn’t tyranny writ large, it was “doing the right thing.”

The unvaxxed—and those like me who became anti-vaxxers—hunkered down in defense mode and worked on exposing and debunking the absurdity, lies and corruption. Researching became the order of the day; it was the only way to light the path forward. People from across the political spectrum became resisters: if you lose the rights of the few, you end up losing the rights of the many; those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities (Voltaire).

In 2021, when PM Trudeau dove into the hate game and used a divide and conquer strategy for his re-election campaign, Canada’s bought-off press helped him every step of the way.

Former veteran CBC reporter, Rodney Palmer, testifying before the National Citizens Inquiry:

“They took an exceptional moment to decide they would not be journalists, that instead they would be public health messengers [which] failed to expire with the end of the emergency … and the result is that Canada’s national broadcaster has morphed into a state broadcaster. And I worked in countries where there were state broadcasters—China, Syria, Malawi, North Korea—it’s promoting government policy without question, while censoring, belittling and shaming learned Canadians who dare to object and inform us of the truth. Bad journalism is incompetence but propaganda is a betrayal. And that’s what CBC has done, it betrayed us all.”

People from the propaganda ghetto often hurl abuse at those who think freely or question official narratives. Derogatory insults, stereotypes, and cliches are used to belittle. Ironically, they believe they’re educated and innately superior—if they didn’t hear it on the news it didn’t happen, or it’s conspiracy theory. They’ve become weaponized handmaidens—useful, manipulated, controlled.

Though society is fractured, luckily efforts to crush free speech have failed—so far. But attacks continue and we’re seeing more dirty tactics. The same actors who sold us “safe and effective” are now demonizing dissenters by accusing them of being far-right and spreading misinformation. How ludicrous and how obvious.

Most people aren’t “far” anything, other than right, so far. Most are firmly in the majority middle, which is about 75% of the population; they value reasonableness and balance and they dislike extremist ideas and extremist groups; they keep civil society afloat. And the accusation of misinformation is both a weapon and a disguise—a weapon because it aims to kill facts and truth; a disguise because it shields the corrupt from scrutiny.

The time to wake up was yesterday. The corporate media want us to stop trusting the decency of our fellow Canadians; they want us obedient, dumb, and fearful. They will keep us in constant opposition and slow march us into tyranny unless we come together and focus on the right targets. It’s no longer Left versus Right but rather Truth versus Propaganda.

MSM are the enemy—not worthy of our trust, let alone our attention. The sooner they become extinct, the better. We protect democracy by protecting the free flow of information. And we research to find the highest quality information which ensures the highest quality free speech.

Excellent independent journalism builds hope and strength. Research as if your life depends upon it—because it does!

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Shellie Troy Anderson is a published writer and former blogger with a Master’s degree in Fine Arts from UBC. @shellietroy on X. No DM’s, please.