For Those Who Cannot Imagine


For Those Who Cannot Imagine

Published On: April 1, 2024Tags: , ,

By Anonymous

For those who cannot imagine what it’s like to be vaxxed and living with that once the evidence is available, I can answer you.

It’s a day-to-day grieving and cellular remorse. Many of us were just living our daily lives without any idea about the WEF, UN, or WHO. Movies showed scenes of satanic practices and we had no idea about blood-drinking celebrities.

We trusted our doctors (I had mine for over 25 years), we knew our government lied at election times, and we voted the best we could based on the BS presented to us. We went about our lives innocently, working, raising kids, and babysitting grandkids, and many had not one person in our circles to warn us of the dangers. We didn’t even know we had to “do our own research.” Unbelievable as that may seem, it’s absolutely true, which shocks others. So, off we went and had the shots.

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Now, us “sheeples,” as we are all referred to, are dying in our millions, some suddenly, while some are destined to slow malingering pain-filled deaths. But we are dying, and ironically, we are the evidence—the proof you will all use later.

Some—I wish I knew the percentages—argued with others who knew the dangers, and words and actions hurt both sides. That is the greatest weapon of the psyop—it’s actually greater than the vax itself.

There is a level of toxic hatred and gloating online that condemns the vaxxed to silence in regards to seeking help. I see it in the forums—how they are abused by total strangers—so we stay silent and die alone and unforgiven for our naivety and fear.

But back to the point in question.

IT IS HELL—living with the knowledge that l took three of them, that my wonderful, kind hardworking husband took four, that our children and grandchildren had them—it haunts me, it breaks my soul, it has destroyed me, simply because we were naive.

My husband and I were already done when a cousin contacted me through messenger after seeing a post about my rapid decline in health and asked me questions. I then spoke to my sons, but it was too late. They had been done already.

It’s reading endless detox protocols and wondering IF they truly work, or IF they, too, are part of the BS, because how would we ever know, since there is no long-term proof?

It’s endless medical tests that come back “normal” and you just know and feel the changes in your body.

It’s seeing the videos of the “calamari clots” and reading about graphene microblades slicing up veins, and spikes adhering like velcro to tissues and organs.

It’s the breathlessness and palpitations on the slightest exertion that doctors can’t explain.

It’s the “knowing” that it was for nothing, though we believed it was for the best of intentions.

It’s this tattoo on my arm of the vax batch numbers that I use to open conversations and share my adverse reactions with every doctor, pathologist, radiologist, and ambulance paramedic I meet.

It’s knowing that any second—any second—could be IT, the last breath I breathe before l die.

It’s grief—deep, empty, gut-wrenching grief for all my family and friends, all those I love and care for.

It’s loss—the loss of my future dreams and plans, the loss of my husband and family.

It’s the pain felt by the name-calling and ongoing online abuse.

I may be a sheeple to some, and cop endless abuse online for speaking up with my truth, but that will not stop me. Not every vaxxed person acted like an “A-hole” when approached by someone who cared enough to take that risk. Yet, we have ALL been tarred with that one brush, and it’s there that humanity devolved even further. And “they” did not have to do a thing except sit back and watch us fall apart.