Canadians Must Reject Trudeaus Amnesty For Illegal Immigrants


Canadians Must Reject Trudeau’s Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants

Published On: June 1, 2024Tags: ,

By Riley Donovan

In an interview with the Globe and Mail in December, Immigration Minister Marc Miller laid out the Liberal government’s plan to offer an amnesty to illegal immigrants living on Canadian soil.

Miller explained his intention to propose a program that would allow illegal immigrants to “regularize their status” by obtaining permanent residency, and eventually, citizenship. He gave a rough estimate of 300,000-600,000 individuals who may be eligible—mostly consisting of foreign nationals who have overstayed their visas or remained following the rejection of an asylum claim.

This idea is moving closer to becoming reality. Speaking to reporters in Winnipeg on May 17th, Prime Minister Trudeau confirmed his support for a “pathway towards regularization and citizenship” for illegal immigrants. On the same day, Miller’s office stated that he will present his amnesty proposal to the Liberal cabinet before the House of Commons adjourns for the summer, sometime in June. At the time of writing, the number of individuals eligible for the amnesty remains unclear.

One immediate effect of an amnesty would be a serious strain on our already fragile public services. Foreign nationals currently living in the shadows and working under the table would suddenly become eligible for welfare and subsidized housing intended for—and funded by—citizens. The poorest and most vulnerable Canadians would be the hardest hit by this dramatic increase in competition for government services.

On a deeper level, an amnesty would seriously devalue the rule of law. While the majority of illegal immigrants simply want a better life, they have, nevertheless, flouted Canada’s immigration rules in seeking it. By overstaying a foreign worker or student visa, or remaining in the country after their asylum claim has been rejected, they have gamed the system and taken advantage of our hospitality.

Not only would an amnesty send a signal within our own country that the principle of the rule of law is meaningless, but it would also inevitably act as a magnet for prospective illegal immigrants around the world. Even if Miller tried to emphasize that his amnesty will be the last one, the world would be justifiably skeptical. If it can happen once, it can always happen again—why not try your chances?

I urge patriots to stand up against the Trudeau government’s amnesty. Inform family and friends, write letters to newspapers large and small, raise awareness on social media, and above all: put pressure on your Member of Parliament to oppose it. Every MP’s email inbox should be full to the brim, and every MP’s office phone line should be ringing off the hook.

If concerned Canadians speak up with a united voice, we can stop this amnesty and protect the integrity of Canadian citizenship.

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