Call Out To Canadians To Lead The Peaceful Exit


Call Out to Canadians to Lead the Peaceful Exit from The United Nations (UN) Agenda

Published On: June 1, 2024Tags: , , ,

By Shelagh McFarlane and Cal Washington

“By combining Cal Washington’s 3-step approach to obtaining tacit agreement with Shelagh McFarlane’s method for putting Mayors back into their true and lawful positions as public trustees, Canada has the template to end the United Nations’ economic and political tyranny over individuals, their property, their town and their country.” —Hugh Reilly,

We are uniting with a special mission to put our communities back in power. The UN Global Agenda is a declaration of war on every Canadian. There is now concrete evidence that our local, provincial, and federal “governments” are involved in the following Crimes Against Humanity: 

  1. Fraud: intentional deception and misrepresentation.
  2. Human trafficking: using innocent people for profit.
  3. Democide: Public murder of citizens by their government.

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FACT 1: All of our elected officials are under the control and direction of the UN, claiming it’s “lawful, legitimate and public.” FRAUD
FACT 2: All of our elected officials are under foreign orders to use public accounts (humans) as surety to fund a corporate agenda, without public consultation or consent. HUMAN TRAFFICKING
FACT 3: Our elected “government officials” are authorizing patented bio-weapons to be deployed in our towns and cities as part of the UN “Strategic Plan.” DEMOCIDE

Bio-weapons are “weapons of mass destruction” (WMD) designed to cause death and injury, and are used for population control, e.g., SMART meters, mRNA injections, chemtrails (geoengineering), and 5G towers.

People now realize that the contracts for this equipment are being made at the local level by Mayors and Councillors. Residents have attempted to stop this Agenda from moving forward by doing public deputations in municipal Council Chambers. However, these have led to horrific arrests and assaults on innocent taxpayers who are advocating for their families and property, and tragically, causing “Municipalities” (provincial corporations) to shut down public forums.

Canadians must end this deadly economic tyranny, and we have the tools to do so, quickly and safely. Superior legislation clearly states that every law-abiding citizen has “a duty to disobey de facto possession of sovereign powers.” (Criminal Code of Canada, Section 15)

The following legal tools, used together, can bring all public/private assets into safe harbour, and immediately restore regulatory control.

Tool #1 POGG: Restore Peace, Order & Good Governance

Terminate de facto possession of local public office: claim/protect public assets and accounts. This Notice process, used to confirm their oath, establishes lawful jurisdiction and pulls public trustees out of non-public (UN-controlled) provincial “Municipalities” signed on to the UN Global Agenda.

Tool #2 InPower: Notices of Liability

Terminate de facto commercial contracts with municipal (non-public) corporations. This 3-letter Notice process challenges all “government” contract(s) on the deployment of the bio-weapons and places monetary liability on all those knowingly or unknowingly participating in the genocide agenda.

Why this CAN and MUST be done:

  1. There’s no more time for talking. WMDs are being used against you and your family. The only safe plan is an EXIT PLAN. You can’t negotiate with monopolists, terrorists, or globalists.
  2. To date, thousands of elected officials have received the POGG Primer “Notice of Fraud” from their constituents, but have failed to respond. This indicates that elected officials have another “Boss.” It’s never wise to leave trustees “in Office” when they have another “Boss.”
  3. The Brady Case (CUELENAERE LLP VS BRADY QUIRING, Claim #305) in 2019 revealed astonishing “systemic government misconduct”:

(a) corporations functioning as de facto governments
(b) identity fraud using birth certificate bonds/trust accounts, and
(c) human trafficking directly implicating the Corporation of CANADA and its officers.

Maxims of Law:

  1. To one that exceeds his office or jurisdiction, no obedience is due.
  2. He who does not repel a wrong when he can, induces it.
  3. Silence implies consent.
  4. Paying implies consent.
  5. Fraud vitiates all contracts.

We now have the legal, lawful, peaceful way to EXIT the UN public/private “partnership” Agenda, because it starts and ENDS with your “elected” “public” “officials.” Contact us for more information. It’s time.
Shelagh McFarlane (Author, “POGG Primer: Ending the Public/Private Partnership Fraud”) –

Cal Washington (Co-Founder, Author for InPower) –